Chase Potter Discography

Below is a list of selected recordings that Chase has appeared on over the years, including his own original projects.

Chameleon Culture The Universe Is A New Year's Day Parade, released 2017 (violin, guitar, background vocals)

Chase Potter Little Box Of Love Songs EP, released 2015 (vocals, guitars, bass, violin, strings, songwriting)

Safety Squad Safety Squad, released 2016 (electric violin on "Wild Ohio")

Dave Buker & the Historians For Every Heartbreak, released 2015 (violin on River Bank)

Rachel Wein Stepping Stones EP, released 2015 (electric bass)

The Lighthearted The Lighthearted, released 2015 (bass, guitar, strings)

Taylor Kelly Change Of The Weather, released 2015 (Violin on "All Over Again")

Nick+Noah Winter EP, released 2014 (First violin in the string section)

Sink Bros.™ Canterbury, released 2014 (Violins on "Let's Get Cocked" and "Everybody Shines, Everybody Cries, Everybody Dies"

Paige Chaplin Still These Bones, released 2014 (Violin in the string section)

Nick+Noah Summer EP, released 2014 (strings on "Wond'rin" and "When Summer Ends")

Will Freed SouLow, released 2013 (Violin on "My Disease", "Never Have Been Burned", and "Until I Met You")

The Lighthearted Sugarcoated Poison EP, released February 2013 (electric bass)

Chase Potter self titled album, released 2012 (all instruments and vocals)

Grace Adele The Grand Sessions, released 2012 (violin)